Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Lanjan (Asli)

School Adoption Programme

Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Lanjan (Asli) (SKBL) is a school attended by children of the small Desa Temuan Orang Asli community. Located at the centre of an urban area – Damansara Perdana in Selangor – SKBL is overshadowed by affluence of the location which are signified by high-rise commercial and residential buildings. SKBL is also situated within the vicinity of Ekuinas’ office, one of the factors that led ILTIZAM to reach out to it and help to improve its performance, under its Education: School Adoption Programme initiative.

Believing that education is a key tool towards social mobility, ILTIZAM started assisting SKBL in 2015 by sponsoring tuition classes for the English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mathematics subjects to pupils of Standard Four to Six, as well as refurbishing the school’s library to cultivate reading habit among the students. That very year, the school had its first student achieving 5As in the Primary School Achievement Test (UPSR). The student had gone on to enrol at the Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) to pursue his secondary education. This in itself is a significant jump in terms of access to a better future for the member of this community.

To further demonstrate ILTIZAM’s commitment, the school was formally adopted in 2016 under PINTAR Foundation and since then, the teachers and pupils have benefited from various educational programmes conducted.

Today, the average scores of its students have improved. School attendance and the students’ transformation is significant – they are livelier and excited for more school activities. There is also a noted change among the teaching staff all of whom are more motivated to empower the pupils, parents as well as colleagues.

SKBL Headmaster, Encik Mohd Nazri Mash Tuki attributed all the positive changes within its school walls to ILTIZAM’s support and assistance. “ILTIZAM understands what the school needs and is concerned towards the community’s demands too,” he lauded.

ILTIZAM’s involvement with SKBL is proof that commitment and investment are key to empowering disadvantaged communities.

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