At Ekuinas, we recognise that if Malaysian businesses are to prosper over the long term, so must the communities in which we operate. Our community-centred initiatives aim to demonstrate high standards of social responsibility by continuously working towards improving the quality of life within the communities especially the underprivileged and underserved across the country, as well as empowering practitioners in the arts and culture with the purpose to preserve the Malaysian heritage.

Community Enrichment Programme (CEP)

Underprivileged Community Programme

We aim to provide assistance to those from disadvantaged background to lessen their burden and improve their quality of life. Assistance and aid comes in various ways as we deem fit and useful for the beneficiaries. ILTIZAM also collaborates with other Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) to ensure no one is left behind.
Emergency assistance for states hit by the 2015 flood
Jom Breakfast - providing breakfast to underprivileged children
Food pack distribution to families affected by Covid-19

Arts, Culture and Heritage

ILTIZAM has embarked on many initiatives to support, promote and preserve local arts, culture and heritage. We aim to help individuals and organisations that tirelessly champion the preservation of Malaysia’s arts, culture and heritage. The onus is on us, the current generation, to ensure our future generation could enjoy and appreciate them.
Supported Tunas Tari "ROAR" production in 2018
Pekan Bangsawan 2017
Rebana Ubi Sustainability Project

Back-to-Society Programme

Back-to-Society Programme is our effort to help individuals who are at the near completion of their prison sentences to reintegrate into society by upskilling and improving their technical and interpersonal skills. We hope to produce trained and employable manpower for local industries, increasing acceptance of ex-inmates among family and society.
Chili planting by inmates from Penjara Jasin, Melaka.
Chili planting by inmates from Penjara Jasin, Melaka.
Project PPE to support frontliners

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