Kapten Batik

Entrepreneur Mentorship Programme, 2019

Kapten Batik is a young Bumiputera business set-up that produces premium men’s batik shirts with modern designs that can be worn for all occasions. It started with the founders’ appreciation of batik and the desire to normalise batik-wearing tradition in everyday life.

The brand originally focused on classic slim fit men’s shirts made from batik sourced from Kelantan and Terengganu, as well as other countries such as Indonesia and India. Their range of collections has since evolved to incorporate modern and contemporary motifs featuring geometrical and floral themes.

After underwent diagnostic tools and discussion, ILTIZAM formulated an action plan to address business challenges faced by Kapten Batik – brand awareness and online marketing. A digital media consultant was engaged to plan Kapten Batik’s marketing and promotional calendar and to execute high-impact media marketing campaigns that would increase brand awareness.

As the programme progressed, ILTIZAM identified more initiatives that could help Kapten Batik such as securing a premium place in KLCC and a collaboration project with Raw Denim House, 2018 ILTIZAM EMP participant.

“Our allocation for online marketing was not significant as we were focusing more on promoting our stores. When retail stores and shopping malls had to shut their operation as part of the Government’s efforts to prevent COVID-19 spread, ILTIZAM helped us in mapping our digital marketing and it multiplied our online sales by 5 times. On top of that, we also received assistance in terms of rent and staff salary through Dana Ihsan COVID-19 ILTIZAM,” said Farhan Omar, Kapten batik Co-founders.

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