Entrepreneur Mentorship Programme, 2017

KinderKaizen is the first play-based enrichment centre for children aged 4 to 6 years old that practices the concept of pure-play learning in Malaysia. This method allows children to explore and discover, fulfilling their physical, emotional, intellectual, developmental, social and spiritual needs. The founder, Dr. Putri Afzan Maria believes this method provides a stress-free learning environment for children.

Operated by EYTC Groups & Resources Sdn Bhd, KinderKaizen has 46 centres throughout Malaysia and offers several programmes tailored to the needs of parents and children.

KinderKaizen underwent a Diagnostic Tool exercise to identify challenges faced by them and identified that KinderKaizen needed to update its marketing strategies in order to increase student enrolment.

During the year, ILTIZAM conducted an independent market study for KinderKaizen to identify its target market, competitive strengths and pricing strategy. A corporate identity manual for the brand to ensure that consistent marketing strategies were implemented throughout all KinderKaizen centres and that the brand was further strengthened and positioned appropriately; which resulted in the addition of five new centres with a total of 46.

As they grew, customers/parents were more aware of KinderKaizen’s services and brand. Solidifying their market presence brings about awareness of the service they provide to their desired audience.

When the country was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, the childcare centre had to be closed due to the Government’s Movement Control Order (MCO). As such, some parents withdrew their children from KinderKaizen and this affected the business cash flow. ILTIZAM through its Dana Ihsan COVID-19 ILTIZAM assisted in terms of their premises’ rent to help them sustain the business and to ensure they would be able to pivot back once the situation improves.

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