Mohd Amirul Hafiz

Oil & Gas Marine Training and Development Programme, 2014

After scoring with flying colours in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), Mohd. Amirul Hafiz decided to pursue the subject of Microbiology at a local university. By the 4th semester, however, the subject no longer captivated this former Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Syahbandaraya pupil.

Not wanting to give up studying, and encouraged by his father, Amirul decided to opt for maritime studies. And as chance would have it, the Malaysian Maritime Academy (Akademi Laut Malaysia – ALAM) was offering such an opportunity at that time. Amirul applied for the chance and was accepted to join ALAM in 2012.

Throughout his studies at ALAM, Amirul underwent a full-time industrial training as a deck cadet officer attached to Icon Offshore Berhad (ICON), one of Ekuinas’ portfolio companies. He did so well in his studies that he was chosen to receive a scholarship to pursue higher education in the Certificate of Competency Class 3 Watch Keeping Officer Unlimited. The scholarship was being offered to Amirul under the Oil & Gas Marine Training and Development Programme under ILTIZAM. The latter is Ekuinas’ Corporate Social Responsibility initiative.

“When I heard that many of my friends were still struggling to get jobs, I believe that I have made the right call to switch my field of study to maritime. Now I find that the job opportunities are aplenty. One just have to work hard at this field,” said Amirul who hails from Shah Alam, Selangor.

After successfully completing his cadetship, Amirul managed to secure a Junior Second Officer post at Icon Offshore. He knew that from that moment on, he has set his eyes on becoming captain of a ship, a mountainous target but one he is ready to spend his life pursuing.

So far Amirul has completed two out of five phases of an 8-year course, organised by ICON Offshore. The programme is part of an initiative by ICON and Ekuinas to unearth more local talents to fill up various management positions in the maritime industry.

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