Bibah Songket

Entreprenuer Mentorship Programme, 2013

Habibah enterprise, or better known as Bibah Songket, is one of the leading Songket producers that offer premium quality traditional authentic materials using a plethora of unique designs.

Founded by Habibah Zikri in 1982, the enterprise plays a crucial role in preserving and popularising the Malay heritage. The business itself is also vital to the Terengganu community as local weavers, mostly young women and single mothers, rely heavily on their employment in this industry in order to make ends meet.

Bibah Songket was the pioneer business set-up that Ekuinas assisted through its Corporate Social Responsibility CSR programme. It was selected due to its impact to the community while at the same time, its continuous promotion of the local arts and heritage. For the pilot mentoring programme, Ekuinas had roped in Boston Consulting Group for this capacity building project to address three main concerns within Bibah Songket – volatile cashflow, small distribution network and insufficient effective marketing.

“We underwent various trainings and changes in the way the business is managed. We were made to realise that we can make and conduct bigger plans, and that to expand really well we need to continuously build relationships of every kind,” said Habibah whose love and reverence for the Songket is what has kept her going for the past 30 years.

Throughout the programme, Bibah Songket’s sales and marketing capacity were strengthened when its distribution network and customer base were built up. The enterprise also underwent rigorous branding exercises that resulted in total image change seen via its marketing materials and improved website.

“This Entreprenuer Development Programme by Ekuinas is a real wonder for small business like mine. We would never have thought it possible to grow the way we have. I am ever so grateful,” ended the Marang, Terengganu native.

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