Fahmi Farid
Director, Design &
Model Maker of
Parabox Sdn Bhd

Entrepreneur Mentorship
Programme, 2017

Parabox Sdn Bhd is a family-run business that began as a small company built on one man’s passion – building models ranging from basic 3D displays to highly bespoke models for Government-linked companies and large corporates in Malaysia.

However, as a newcomer to the model making industry, the journey for Parabox has not always been easy. Realising they needed help in overcoming their revenue and cost management challenges, Parabox sought guidance from ILTIZAM in 2017 and was selected to undergo the ILTIZAM Entrepreneur Mentorship Programme.

Besides addressing Parabox’s capacity constraint issues, ILTIZAM also provided assistance in rebuilding the company’s website to strengthen its presence in the market, resulting in increased visibility to showcase its portfolio and capabilities as a young Bumiputera company.

Learning about one’s business can be challenging but ILTIZAM ensured Parabox that they are on the right path for success.

For more information on Entrepreneur Mentorship Programme, click here.

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